Euro Spectacles

Product Info

Polycarbonate mono lens, black nylon frame & adjustable temples
Scratch resistant lens
Anti-fog lens (clear only)
Anti-glare lens (amber, grey & green)

Suitable Use For

General use
Mechanical Workshops

Product Details

Dromex® DV-026-EURO, polycarbonate mono spectacle lens with side shields is designed to protect the users eyes from flying debris, particles, UV (Ultra Violet) and sun glare activities. Suitable in the construction, mining, milling, engineering workshops, factories, warehouse and general industries. Designed for compatibility with other PPE, such as industrial hats, hearing protectors and respiratory protective half mask devices. EURO spectacles are lightweight, with an anti-scratch impact resistant polycarbonate lens and side shields, these features ensures a firm fit promoting enhanced product performance and user comfort.

Additional information


Green, Grey, White, Yellow