Bushmaster Bush-WG

Product Info

Twin point mounted, adjustable
ABS cups and soft foam cushions
Hearing protection for extended periods
Visor can easily flip up and down
Close fitting wire headband for comfort

Suitable Use For

Tree Felling

Product Details

The Dromex® lightweight Bushmaster consists of a full-face wire mesh visor with hearing protection and brow guard, designed for maximum comfort and optimum protection against hazards such as flying objects and particles for users of clearing saws, trimmers and bush cutters. The adjustable hearing protectors with wide soft cushions provide comfort for prolonged use, helps reduce loud noise and can be used as a stand-alone hearing device, without the wire mesh visor

The face shield combination features the following:
• Protective full-face wire mesh visor.
• Wide ear defenders with soft cushions, providing comfort for prolonged use.
• Suitable for working in and around the most typical industrial risks (not including electrical arcs).
• Can be used with half mask respiratory protective devices.

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