Wildland Goggles

  • Product Info
  • Designed for compatibility with other PPE
  • Easy to don with gloves
  • Light weight , non vented goggles
  • Fire resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Fire proof adjustable headband
  • Red fire-retardant PVC eye frame
  • Contoured to ensure a firm fit


Suitable for use

  • Working with chain saws or hoses
  • Emergency or First Responder operations
  • Chemical Splashes

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Product Details

Dromex® Wildland Fire Fighting protective goggle is designed to protect the user’s eyes from flying debris during work around helicopters, extrication, working with chain saws or hoses in emergency or first responder operations or from chemical splash without compromising worker safety and vision.

Designed for compatibility with other PPE (industrial hats and fire helmets) and easy to put on with gloves, the light weight, non-vented Dromex® DV-EF20B wildland googles, with fire resistant polycarbonate, anti-scratch, anti-fog lens, with fire proof adjustable headband and a red fire-retardant PVC eye frame, is contoured to ensure a firm fit promoting enhanced product performance and user comfort.

Special Instructions
• Failure to adhere to all instructions and precautionary measures can result in injury.
• If the user has eye conditions or vision impairment, they must consult with a registered physician prior to use.
• Any damages to this protective device, as well as fogging may reduce clarity of sight that could result in injury.
• Following any major detectible defects on the goggle, the goggle should be replaced.
• This eye protector is not intended for furnace or welding use.
• This eye protector is suitable for use to the lowest marking on the lens (ocular) and frame.
• If the lens becomes scratched or damaged, the eye protector should be replaced.
• This goggle is intended to be used as protection of the user in the event of a wildland fire. The duration of the goggle cannot be determined by a timeline as its intended use is not for normal day to day use.
• Wildland fire goggles performance properties cannot be tested by the user in the field.
• This goggle meets the minimum level of protection for the intended use against the adverse environmental effects encountered by personnel performing wildland fire fighting operations.
• It shall be the responsibility of the persons and organizations that use this goggle to establish safety and health practices and to determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use of this goggle.
• The goggle is designed to be used with other Wildland fire equipment.

Compliance & Conformity
Complies with ANZI Z87+ and NFPA 1977:2016 with polycarbonate mono lens and PVC goggle body. These products are Personal Eye Protectors, safety spectacles for Wildland Fire.

Quality System as per ISO 9001:2008.

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