Hard Hat With Lamp Mount

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Polypropylene copolymer hard hat
Retractable ventilation holes
Ratchet type adjustment for easy fitment
2-Point adjustable webbed polyester chin strap
Side slots for fitment of face & hearing PPE
8-Point suspension within the shell provides optimum shock absorption
Additionally tested for electrical isolation at 2000 volts
Includes a bracket on the front of the hard hat for a cap lamp, as well as a cord holder at the back of the hard hat.
Please note: Cap lamp not included

Suitable Use For

General use
Petrochemical Industry

Product Details

The Dromex® lightweight, polypropylene copolymer hard hat with retractable ventilation holes provides the head with protection against falling objects and impact, whilst designed to ensure maximum visibility, sturdiness and wearer comfort.

This innovative hard hat features the following:
• Has an increased vertical clearance for optimum shock absorption along with the crown-cooling vents for increased air flow, ideal when working in hot atmospheres.
• A protective peak and extended nape for extra impact protection to the user’s neck and face.
• A simplistic and adjustable ratchet type adjustment liner ergonomically designed for ease of use and grip, with reduced turning effort, especially when wearing gloves.

This liner adjuster also folds into the helmet when not in use.
• A webbed polyester chin strap, with detachable clamps and adjustable polyamide slider buckle that fits onto 6 attachment points on the suspension.
• Has ventilated slots which can be opened/closed with the help of a shutter to prevent any rain water seepage.
• A unique rain management system which effectively manages the rain to reduce the flow of water down the neck.
• Side slots for fitment with face and hearing protective equipment.
• An eight-point attachment cradle within the shell which has a unique angular placement to provide optimum shock absorption.
• A breathable polyurethane dermatologically tested, anti-allergic, skin friendly sweat absorbing head band and forehead comfort pad that does not stain the skin.
• An optional cap lamp mounting bracket with cord holder.
• Available in a range of colours which are stabilized against ultra violet degradation through appropriate UV stabilizers.

This hard hat is suitable for use in construction, warehousing, surface mining, utitilies - general working at heights, petrochemical, forestry, road construction and in all other industries where there is a risk of being injured from falling objects or when working in areas of restricted head space.

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