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Polycarbonate visor & brow guard carrier
Elasticated adjustable headband
Adjustable tilt & engage mechanism
Provides protection against flying objects, particles, chemical splashes, splashes of molten metals & penetration of hot solids.
Compatible for use with half mask respiratory protective devices

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The Dromex Matcare® full face shield/visor is designed for maximum comfort and optimum protection for users where full face protection is required against hazards, such as flying objects, particles, chemical splashes (in industry), or potentially infectious materials (in medical and laboratory environments).

This face shield features the following:
• Manufactured with a tough polycarbonate visor for an extended product life.
• Suitable for working in and around the most typical industrial risks (not including electric arcs).
• An elasticated adjustable headband for a secure fit regardless of head size.
• Strong and durable polycarbonate visor and polypropylene brow guard.
• Can be used half mask respiratory protective device

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