Twin Unifit Filter

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Valve replaced with every filter
Individually sealed
Right hand thread for twin

Suitable Use For Gases


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Dromex® DHCT-ABEK1, UNIFIT reusable lightweight combination gas cartridges is used in conjunction with Dromex® twin cartridge respirators (DH102, DH202 and DHFFM), that filters:
• Certain organic gases and vapours with boiling point greater than 65°C and good warning properties.
• Inorganic gases and vapours, e.g. Chlorine (not Carbon Monoxide).
• Acid gases and vapours, e.g. Sulphur Dioxide, Hydrogen Chloride.
• Ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives. Can be used with Dromex® Pre-filters, providing protection against particulates and pro-longs the life of the corresponding gas filter by adding additional protection against oil when working in greasy environments.

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A1, A2, ABEK1