A1 Single Unifit Filter

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Valve replaced with every filter
Individually sealed
Left hand thread for single

Suitable Use For Gases


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Dromex® DHCS-A1 UNIFIT lightweight reusable gas cartridges is used in conjunction with Dromex® single cartridge respirators (DH101), filtering organic gases and vapours with a boiling point greater than 65 degrees Celsius present in the atmosphere. Dromex® DHCS-A1 cartridges can be used with Dromex® Pre-filters (DHCS P2PF only) providing protection against particulates and prolongs the life of the corresponding gas filter by adding additional protection against oil when working in greasy environments.

Special Instructions
All respiratory equipment should be read in conjunction with BS EN 529:2005 “Respiratory Protective devises – Recommendations for selection, use, care and maintenance”.
Do not use these cartridges or enter in area where:
• The Oxygen concentration is not known or is less than 19.5%.
• Contaminants or their concentrations are unknown or are known to be immediately dangerous to life or health. Particulate or gas concentrations exceed levels fixed by the applicable health and safety regulations.
• The requirement for leak tightness is unlikely to be achieved if worn against a beard or facial stubble.
• Not to be used for firefighting.
• Do not use in explosive atmospheres

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