PVC Twin Half Mask

Product Info

Soft TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) with a deep face mould
for a comfortable fit with an excellent seal
Dual wide elastic headband with a skull cradle and a pin
swivel connector, adjustable & with a quick release toggle
Efficient exhalation valve
For use with the DHCT twin unifit filter cartridge system

Product Details

Dromex® DH202 TWIN MIDI reusable, lightweight reusable and adjustable, half mask is used in combination with Dromex® gas and/or particulate filter/cartridges, designed to protect the user’s respiratory system from inhaling dangerous particulates. The DH202 half mask design entails a high-performance exhalation valve, situated in a grey half mask TPR (Thermo plastic rubber) body, that has a soft seal on the face with a dual elastic head band complete with an adjustable skull cradle and large quick release toggles for ease of putting on and taking off when used with gloves.
The DH202 half mask features a pressure corrective pivot headband that ensures comfort, and when worn with head protective devices, a quick release headband for easy putting on and taking off, especially when head protective devices cannot be removed in specific work hazard areas. The low-profile design, integrates with face shields, eye protective devices and hard hats

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Blue, Black