P2PF Single Unifit Pre-filters

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The pre-filter kit ensures maximum filter life and can reduce exposure of cartridges, cutting down on unnecessary gas filter changes. Pre-filters are for fitting to gas filters only.
*Available for single & twin cartridge respirators

Suitable Use For Gases

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Dromex® DHCS-P2PF SINGLE UNIFIT lightweight reusable P2 cartridges are used in conjunction with Dromex® gas cartridges that fits onto the single unifit Dromex® cartridge respirator (DH101), filtering out solids, dust and liquid aerosol hazards which cannot be filtered by chemical cartridges. Pre-filters also pro-longs the life of the corresponding gas filter by adding additional protection against oil, when working in greasy environments. Pre-filters are specifically designed for use with the DRO-AIR gas filter cartridges only.

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