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EU slotted Unique DROMEX connector that fits all hard hats
Large twin point mounted cups with soft foam cushions
Easy to attach & detatch with spring loaded arms
Steel arms maintain a constant & even pressure
Adjustable cup for optimum comfort & fit

Suitable Use For

Steel cutting

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The Dromex® InterEX™ universal helmet mounted ear muffs with easy to attach and detach spring loaded arms, provides optimum protection against high frequency noise in the ear canal whilst wearing head protection. InterEX™ ear muffs features large cups for high noise levels that are self-adjustable, consisting of soft foam and leather skin. It provides comfort for those requiring hearing protection for extended periods. Twin point mounted cups, with steel arms maintains an even pressure distribution for protection. Compatible with most industrial helmets, and use with a full face visor. Suitable for use in airports, excavation equipment handling, generators, high pressure steaming, machining, grinding, woodwork, drilling and high frequency welding and forestry applications.

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