Classic Ear Muff

Product Info

Padded headband ear muff with soft foam cushions
Low risk of entanglement on machinery
Hearing protection for extended periods
Durable self adjusting ABS cups
Close fitting wire headband

Suitable Use For

Power Generators
Aviation industry
High pressure steaming

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Product Details

The Dromex® Classic Extreme headband style, close fitting adjustable ear muff provides optimum protection against high frequency noise in the ear canal. Classic Extreme ear muffs features a padded cradle headband and large cups for high noise levels that is self-adjustable. Consisting of soft foam and leather skin, they provide comfort for those requiring hearing protection for extended periods. Twin point mounted cups maintains an even pressure distribution for protection. Suitable for use in airports, excavation equipment handling, generators, high pressure steaming, machining, grinding, woodwork and high frequency welding applications.

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