Xtra Heavy Duty PVC Gloves

Product info

High abrasion resistance
High cut resistance
High chemical resistance
Heat resistance

Suitable use for

Petroleum Service Industry
Oil & Gas Industry
Chemical Handling

Product Details

Dromex® XTRA brown, heavy duty, PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), gloves coated on a cotton interlock lining is available in 27cm and 35cm lengths, features a rough finish on the palm and wrist for grip especially in wet and oily handling conditions and optimizes cut and abrasion resistance on the hand. The open wrist gauntlet cuff allows ventilation and easy quick removal of the glove. The inherent properties of PVC, provides excellent resistance to most acids, oils fats caustics and petroleum hydrocarbons, suitable for used in the chemical industries, construction, agriculture and fishing. PVC functions well between temperatures of -4°C & 66°C. Xtra range of PVC gloves is available in the following cuff length styles:
• XTRA/KW – 27cm wrist length glove with a knit wrist cuff (A knitted wrist holds the gloves firmly on the users’ hand and keeps dirt out).
• XTRA/27– 27cm wrist length glove with an open cuff.
• XTRA/35 - 35cm wrist length glove with an open cuff.

Special Instructions
Although the manufacturer has examined these gloves under the system for ensuring quality of production by means of monitoring and inspection, we recommend that all gloves should be thoroughly inspected before use to ensure no damage is present. None of the materials or processes used in the manufacture of these products are known to be harmful to the wearer. The gloves and information contained herein are designed to accommodate the basic safety requirements and standards for Personal Protective Equipment. Actual conditions of use cannot be directly simulated in a test environment, therefore it is the responsibility of the user and not the manufacturer or supplier to determine the suitability for intended use.

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