Thor Electrical Insulating Gloves

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Exclusively for electrical purposes -voltage up to 1kV (Kilovolts)
R – acid resistant, oil resistant, ozone-resistant C – resistant to extremely low temperatures
High flexibility preventing hand fatigue
Fits well when worn with protective leather overgloves
Each glove is electrically tested & issued with an examination certificate
360mm (±15mm) long

Available in four classes defining voltage requirements:

CLASS 0 > 0 (5kV), Low voltage
CLASS 1 > 1 (10kV), High voltage
CLASS 2 > 2 (20kV), High voltage
CLASS 3 > 3 (30kV), High voltage

Suitable Use For

Electrical Purposes

Product Details

Dromex® THOR electrical insulating gloves provides protection against the hazards of an electric shock when in contact with energized electrical parts and equipment. These gloves are intended to be used exclusively for electrical purposes such as installation, maintenance, repairs and as a basic personal protective equipment for work under voltage of 1kV (Kilovolts), or as additional protective equipment for work voltage higher than 1kV (Kilovolts) (class dependant - refer to table on right for appropriate selection).

These gloves feature the following:
• Anatomically shaped ensuring flexibility and prevents hand fatigue, especially during prolonged wear or intensive use.
• Consists of high quality rubber latex that is flexible and has sweat-absorbing inserts, which allows the wearer to work freely with optimum comfort.
• Fits well when worn with protective leather overgloves, providing mechanical protection needed against cuts, abrasions and puncture hazards.
*Note: Dromex overgloves coming soon (code: DG-OV).
• Manufactured on an automated line, each glove has a unique number and is electrically tested on a computer-controlled test bench. The examination certificate issued after electrical testing is attached to each pair of gloves.
• Are AC (alternating current ) and RC category gloves according to PN-EN 60903:2006 (EN 60903:2003 + AC2:2005) and are characterised by increased resistance:
> R – acid-resistant, oil-resistant, ozone-resistant. Category R combines the features of categories A, H and Z as follows:
> A – acid-resistant
> H – oil-resistant
> Z – ozone-resistant
> C – resistant to extremely low temperatures.
• Available in four classes defining voltage requirements:
> 0 (5kV), Low voltage
> 1 (10kV), High voltage
> 2 (20kV),High voltage
> 3 (30kV),High voltage

Special Instructions
• IMPORTANT: Always retain the glove test certificate accompanied within the packaging for every pair of gloves.
• Do not put on or remove gloves in a potentially explosive environment.
• THOR gloves are manufactured from natural latex which can cause an allergy. To minimize possible allergic symptoms during live working, it is recommended to utilize an anti-perspiration inner cotton glove or hand protective cream such as SECOSAN. If an allergic reaction is experienced, discontinue use and consult your physician immediately.
• None of the materials or processes used in the manufacture of these products are known to be harmful to the wearer.
• The manufacturer has examined under the system for ensuring quality of production by means of monitoring and inspection.
• These gloves are designed to accommodate the basic safety requirements and standards for Personal Protective Equipment.
• The information contained herein is intended to assist the wearer in the selection of personal protective equipment.
• Actual conditions of use cannot be directly simulated in a test environment therefore it is the responsibility of the end user and not the manufacturer or supplier to determine the gloves suitability for the intended use.
• Gloves should be thoroughly inspected before use to ensure no damage is present.

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CLASS 0 > 0 (5kV), CLASS 1 > 1 (10kV), CLASS 2 > 2 (20kV), CLASS 3 > 3 (30kV)