Non Woven Disposable Coverall

Product Info

Disposable full body coverall for protection against dust & fine particulates
Elasticated wrists, legs & hood

Suitable Use For

General Maintenance Indoor and Outdoor

Product Details

Dromex® PDISPO, disposable polypropylene coverall protects the user’s torso, arms, legs and head from the hazards of fine particulate contact. Spunbond polypropylene is a light weight economical material that is suitable for minimal protection applications. This coverall has a low hold-out level on fluid resistance.

Special Instructions
• Ensure that a visual inspection has been conducted prior to use - including checks for holes, tears, defective zippers and material faults.
• This coverall is for single use only - do not launder for re-use.
• Note that prolonged wearing of this suit may cause heat stress.
• The nature of works as well as the work environment needs to be taken into consideration prior to use of this protective clothing.
• In order to protect the whole body, it is advisable to wear protective gloves, boots and face protection together with this product.

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