Full Body Harness

Product Info

Polyester full body harness with adjustable chest & leg straps
Includes a Dorsal D-Ring for fall arrest
Ideally placed sit strap for extended comfort
Equipped with Lanyard Keepers for placement of free lanyards
Weight capacity of 140kg (incl. tools)
Includes shock absorbing double lanyard with steel scaffold hooks
Adjustable 44mm sliding chest strap, shoulder straps, leg straps
and waist belt

Suitable Use For

Scaffolding applications
Oil Rigs
Cleaning, painting & building maintenance

Product Details

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Harness DFA-PN10, Harness DFA-PN21, Harness DFA-PN10-PS, Harness DFA-PN361N, Harness DFA-STS01, Harness DFA-TL01, Harness DFA-TL02, Harness DFA-TPGS06, Harness DFA-TPGS15, Harness DFA-PN2002, Harness DFA-MIC02, Harness DS-12, Harness DS-13