Flame Retardant & Anti-Static Reflective Vest

Product Info

Flame retardant & anti-static vest made with 96% Polyester
fluorescent lime open weave fabric & 2% carbon thread
Flame retardant tape is 100% Cotton woven fabric
with micro-glass bead coating, 520g/m2
Nylon zip fastener with metal slider
Clear on black top entry plastic pouch
Black Polyester binding
Garment Class 2

Suitable Use For

Warehouse Environments

Product Details

Dromex® SA11-ASFR, Class 2 lime green flame retardant and anti-static, high visibility, torso reflective safety wear is intended to provide conspicuity of the wearer in any light condition when viewed by operators of vehicles or other mechanized equipment during daylight conditions and under illumination of headlights in the dark. SA11-ASFR features a full zip closure system, identity card holder on the left breast and reflective tape on the front, back and waist of the jacket for enhanced visibility. SA11-ASFR flame retardant construction is intended to protect the worker
against occasional and brief contact with small igniting flames, in circumstances where there is no significant heat hazard and without presence of another type of heat used in the construction, warehouse and mining industry environments. The Anti-static carbon activated thread, prevents static build-up in garments that is used by electronic assembly line staff and places where flammable liquids and gages are stored. Class 2 safety vests are required by law for anyone working near or exposed to vehicle traffic, road construction crews, utility workers, survey crews, airport ground crews, law enforcement, railway workers, school crossing guards and toll gate personnel amongst others and in dark areas.

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