Cut5 Apron

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High Abrasion Resistance
High Cut Resistance
High Heat Resistance
Clip-on adjustable straps
Lint Free
No change of properties to light and UV exposition
Keeps full properties after numerous washing and drying cycle
Comfort and fitting

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Dromex® Taeki, lightweight, high performance cut and contact heat resistant apron, is designed to minimise the risk of injury on the user, protecting him and his garments from potential hazards of abrasions, cuts, tears and high heat in the industrial workspace. Available in a 60cm (width) x120cm (length), with adjustable clip on neck strap, two adjustable straps at the waist, provides an excellent fit, extra strength and support, protecting the users entire front side whilst being strong and durable for use.
The Teaki apron features the following:
• Clip-on adjustable straps
• High abrasive resistance
• Excellent cut resistance
• Washable
• Lint-free
• Heat contact resistance until 100°C
• UV resistance
• Keeps it properties in contact with light.
Suitable for use in the automotive industry, food industry, glasswork, foundry and cleaning environments

Special Instructions
None of the materials or processes used in the manufacture of these products are known to be harmful to the wearer. The manufacturer has examined under the system for ensuring quality of production by means of monitoring and inspection. These aprons are designed to accommodate the basic safety requirements and standards for Personal Protective Equipment. The information contained herein is intended to assist the wearer in the selection of personal protective equipment. Actual conditions of use cannot be directly simulated in a test environment therefore it is the responsibility of the end user and not the manufacturer or supplier to determine the apron suitability for the intended use. All aprons be should be thoroughly inspected before and after use to
ensure no damage is present. Do not use this product for protection from high speed or serrated blade. Do not use this product near moving machines or where there is a risk of entanglement.

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