Boxer Shoe

Product Info

Conforms to NRCS/9002/217251/0006
Black leather upper, steel toe cap & lace-up closing
Injected dual density polyurethane outsole
Polyurethane tongue & collar
Non-woven vamp lining
Mesh quarter lining
Non-woven insole
Mesh & EVA insock

Suitable Use For

General use
Warehouse Environments
Freight Industry

Product Details

Dromex® Boxer safety protective footwear with steel toe cap, protects the users’ feet from the incidents of mechanical hazards and the risk of injury from falling objects and crushing whilst being lightweight and comfortable. Dromex® Boxer ankle boots consist of a durable split grain leather that is inherently breathable, flexible and water resistant, has great tear and abrasion-resistance.
The chromium content in this footwear does not exceed 3,0 mg/kg. These safety boots feature the following:

• Slip resistant sole, SRC (SRC is a combination SRA (Resistant on ceramic + Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) and SRB (Steel + Glycerol).
• Energy absorbing heel.
• Removable EVA insock.
• Oil resistant outsole.
• Water resistant upper.
• Antistatic, reducing the chance of electrostatic discharges.
• Impact resistant up to 200 ± 4 J.
• Cleated outsole providing additional traction on a slippery surface.
• A broad fitting steel toe cap allowing a comfortable fit for both men and ladies feet, especially over long periods of time.
• Comfort foam construction providing protection to ankle bones.
• A dual density PU outsole, that’s lightweight, durable and keeps feet comfortable in warm and cold environments. Suitable as a general work protective safety boot used in warehouse environments, freight industry and by contractors. As these boots have antistatic properties, they protect workers, sensitive equipment and components from electrostatic discharges present in general manufacturing industries, refineries, computer equipment manufacturing, medical industry and many other environments.

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